It started with a pit and love

Smoke BBQ, Your Home of Northern BBQ Love

Nestled in the vibrant heart of the Sheffield city centre, Smoke BBQ stands as a beacon for generous BBQ meaty treats. Widely regarded as one of the Best BBQ Restaurants in the UK, our dedication to authenticity and flavour is unparalleled. Whether you're searching for a slab of succulent bbq ribs, smokiest pit seared food, or simply wondering where to eat out, Smoke Sheffield has the answer.

Our reputation isn't just built on our dedication to exquisite traditional American BBQ. Many claim we serve the best burger in Sheffield and to die for low and slow ribs, brisket and more! All capturing the essence of American pit fired BBQ, with a distinctive northern touch.

So, the next time you need great BBQ, great service and a come-as-you-are relaxed atmosphere...just follow your nose and you'll end up at Smoke BBQ. (of course you'll also end up at Smoke using google/apple/waze)

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Where did it all begin?

It all started with a trip to Austin, Texas, in 2012. A few days of the meat sweats and they were hooked. Two best friends, Sean and Duka, equipped with vast hospitality experience, embarked on a gastronomic adventure. The aim of the visit to the US was to eat at The Salt Lick Restaurant, and they did. Days of meat heaven obsession were spent poking and prodding the guys at Salt Lick to share in there BBQ wisdom! They learned that doing one thing, and being the best at that, is the key to success. Inspired and driven by their learning, the beginning stages of the Smoke BBQ storey took shape during that trip. Ten years on, now a Sheffield institution, is thriving and delivering exceptional BBQ and amazing service.

In 2013, Smoke BBQ opened its doors in Sheffield, Sean's home city and Duka's adopted home. Their passion and commitment to the project delivered what's become a landmark in the city's restaurant community. Sheffield’s known for its independent, owner operators; and Smoke BBQ is proud to be amongst some of those great establishments. Smoke's relaxed atmosphere truly reflects a genuine American BBQ joint....we just added a touch of Northern culture.

Smoke BBQ All The Ribs Sharing PlatterTwo Low and Slow smoked Beef Ribs

and, What's next?

A decade in the fiery world of BBQ – that's a milestone worth celebrating! As Smoke BBQ approaches its ten-year anniversary, the legacy built by Sean and Duka continues to sizzle and pop with promise. We remain unwavering in our commitment to delivering the best American BBQ in the UK, a promise we've cherished since our very first pit was lit.

Our journey isn't just about looking back; it's about forging ahead with new adventures and flavours. We're thrilled to announce the launch of the'Smoke OneBox'. A culinary innovation designed for those who yearn to recreate the magic of Smoke BBQ at home. Now, the unparalleled taste of Smoke BBQ can be savoured anytime, anywhere.

Here's to ten fiery years and many more to come. The future isn't clear - it's supposed to be full of Smoke... and it's delicious!

Love, Sean & Duka x